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New LinkedIn Group 'Working With Advanced Materials'

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Dr. Sarah Vickers, the Marketing and Product Manager for member company Oxford Advanced Surfaces has formed a new LinkedIn group called 'Working with Advanced Materials'.

The purpose of the group is to find out about how people use advanced materials in the design of engineered products and how to get the best performance and most value from these materials. It is intended to be a forum for discussion that covers a wide range of industrial sectors including automotive, aerospace, energy, electronics and defence. People joining this group can discuss the benefits and challenges that materials like engineering plastics, reinforced plastic composites and light weight metals bring to product design, development and manufacture.

Dr. Vickers said; "I have started the group because although there were several that discussed advanced materials, many of them were targeted on a specific type of material, eg CFRP, and they tend to start from the material rather than the engineering or design issue. There are groups that look at things from the engineer’s viewpoint, but they also seem to be quite specific, so I wanted to start a more general and inclusive group since lots of advanced materials are used across multiple industries.

"I hope that anyone involved in creating engineered products will find this interesting –they may be involved in the design and engineering of the product or may supply advanced materials."

Discussion topics can be anything from what the best lightweighting materials for car body panels are to where materials based on limpet teeth will first be used find in commercial products!

To join the group, please click here.


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