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Nortest's U.S. Principal, Lambient Technologies, Announces New Dielectric Test Cell for Liquids

Liquid test cell

Nortest's U.S. principal, Lambient Technologies, has announced details of its new Dielectric Test Cell for liquids.

LT-4123 Dielectric Test Cell can be used to test the quality of composite materials, including transformer insulating oils and thermoset resins, and set quality benchmarks for fluids during testing and manufacturing. The unit measures AC loss characteristics and implements the preferred guarded electrode (three terminal) measurement.

Featuring a spout for excess liquids, the cell is encased in aluminium and has an overflow volume of 65 ml. The LT-4123 Liquid Dielectric Test Cell is compatible with Lambient Technologies LT-451 Dielectric Cure Monitor and generic LCR meters.

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