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Novel Solutions to Air Sealing in Carbon Composite Structures at Frewer Engineering

Frewer's advanced composites team are designing novel solutions to incorporate air sealing in carbon composite structures for aero engine applications, along with designing light weight but highly loaded structures.

The team are also working on the design and structural analysis of submarine masts which are extremely complex structures that see very high loads in service. In 2020, the team were heavily involved in the design of carbon composite intakes. These intakes are used in the ground testing and development of future gas turbine engines for the aerospace industry. Some of the composite design team's experience goes back many years in the field of aero-engine intake design for both development testing and flight! Dealing with complex intake shapes that are non symmetrical and containing acoustic liners to assist with air presentation to the fan system.

As they start 2021 the team will be trialling the use of a new software tool, MSC APEX, for 3D CAD model clean up and composite structure modelling.


Frewer Engnineering have also just redeveloped the company's website

The site is, we hope, much clearer to use and with a simple but effective layout. The update captures three new divisions:

  • Advanced Engineering Division
  • Advanced Composites Division
  • Advanced CFD & Analysis Division

Click here to visit the new website


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