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Oxford Advanced Surfaces and 2-DTech Sign Collaboration Agreement on Graphene Enabled Surface Treatments

Molecular Graphene Grid

Oxford Advanced Surfaces (OAS), a pioneer and market leader in the surface treatment of polymeric, plastic and composite materials by the application of highly reactive carbene chemistry, has entered into a collaboration agreement with 2-DTech Limited, a subsidiary of Versarien plc.

The aim is to develop a new range of products that incorporate nano-materials, such as graphene, into OAS’ proprietary Onto™ chemistry platform to deliver enhanced mechanical performance and improved electrical and thermal conductivity.

OAS’s patented Onto™ chemistry platform delivers a range of versatile and reliable chemical surface treatments that are used to improve the adhesion of paints, coatings and adhesives to composite materials and engineering plastics. Current Onto™ products are used in demanding applications ranging from transportation and aerospace to wind energy.

By combining 2-DTech’s graphene products into OAS’s unique Onto™ chemistry, the collaboration is intended to produce a range of new products that will potentially allow both companies to address a wide range of applications and address new materials challenges encountered in both our current and potentially new markets.

Dr Jon-Paul Griffiths, Chief Technology Officer, Oxford Advanced Surfaces said: “Challenging applications for new and existing materials require innovative surface treatments; through our collaboration with 2D-Tech, we have the opportunity to develop new products by incorporating nano-materials, such as graphene, to meet these challenges.”

Steve Hodge, Versarien Chief Technology Officer, commented: “We are delighted and very excited to work collaboratively with OAS; our aqueous GraphinksTM and OAS' aqueous based adhesion promoters (Onto™) are a natural fit and can bring about unique opportunities and markets that we haven't yet explored.”



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