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Powdertech Form Strong Bonds for PP to Metal


PowderBondPP® is under evaluation by bigHead Fasteners Ltd to extend bigHead’s Lean Bonding® process capability to join metal fasteners to polypropylene (PP), the most widely used thermoplastic. PowderBondPP has been developed to address the well-known short-comings in current polypropylene-to-metal bonding methods and delivers an exceptionally strong polypropylene-to-metal bond, unequalled by other products and systems on the market. PowderBondPP demonstrates tensile bonds strengths greater than 10MPa, the composite needs no pre-treatment, the process is rapid and repeatable, and no messy adhesives are used.

bigHead’s Lean Bonding system is a fast, clean and reliable way of bonding fasteners onto composite and metal substrates with a cycle time that can be as rapid as 10 seconds and PowderBondPP fits perfectly into this process. As Matt Stevens, Director, bigHead commented “Clearly the two technologies have a natural synergy and our research collaboration seeks to looking specifically at creating strong reliable bonds to PP, with a simple, customer-ready process.”

James Grant, Director, Powdertech Surface Science said, “PowderBondPP is certainly a lean manufacturing process and fits well with bigHead’s impressive Lean Bonding solution. We anticipate exciting results from our collaborative research and testing programme.”




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