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Powdertech Launches Adhesive-Free PowerBondPP

Powdertech Surface Science has launched an adhesive-free PowderBondPP which the company says bonds polypropylene to aluminium with over three times adhesive bond strength, and a short efficient cycle time.

A coating system is applied to the aluminium surface, the composite is set in place and heat applied during the standard composite curing cycle creates the bond. There is no need for time-consuming surface treatment of the composite. Powdertech has applied for a patent on this process and will also extend the technique to other composite materials.

"PowderBond provides tremendous freedom in design", said James Grant, Powdertech Director. "Complex and intricate shapes can be moulded into the composite structure whilst also incorporating high strength metal features. The process is applicable to many sectors in addition to automotive, including medical, white goods and aerospace. We would be delighted to discuss the wide-ranging implications of PowderBond with anyone who is joining lightweight metals to composite materials."




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