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Prea Announces Collaboration with International Environmental Services

Prea and International Environmental Solutions (IES) have announced their collaboration on plastics recycling to offer the following services globally:

IES will focus on:

  • Buying and Selling recycling Companies globally
  • Sourcing toll processing and warehousing services
  • Mergers and Joint-ventures
  • Trading and Sourcing recycled plastic off spec and redundant materials globally
  • Recruitment at all levels globally
  • Recycling plant set-ups
  • Sourcing, upgrading recycling plant and processes

Pravin S Mistry, Global CEO at Prea, which is a global polymer manufacturing consultancy said;  "With the addition of the recycling expertise from IES, this would be a mutual benefit to both parties. Although we globally focus on mergers & acquisitions / buying / selling companies globally, recruitment at all levels and technical consultancy in plastics, composites and rubbers, we were always being asked to provide the aforementioned services from a recycling point of view and now we will be able to offer this service with IES."

IES Managing Director, John Gibbins, who has spent over 30 years in setting up plastics recycling plants globally including owning his own plants said; "The venture would benefit both companies and the customers. In addition with the geo political changes in sourcing/ transporting recycled plastic materials we can fulfil customer requirements."



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