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Providing Confidence in Composites (DURACOMP) - April Event

Advanced composites have potentially transformative properties compared to other construction materials that offer unparalleled structural solutions. Composites have impacted the aerospace and automotive industries, resulting in lighter, energy efficient solutions. In the DURACOMP project funded for three years by EPSRC we aim to translate this paradigm to the construction industry by tackling the single largest factor limiting their uptake - durability. This is being achieved through the integrated development of methodology/tools for durability assessment/design.

Through the EPSRC Ground and Structural Engineering Research Challenge Call in June 2013 we* started to investigated the long-term degradation processes of construction composites in order to enhance confidence in their durability. To this end we have an ambitious, integrated programme of physical testing and computational modelling that bring new insights into the behaviour of composites. We utilise advances in multi-scale analysis to develop a computational, predictive modelling capability for the response of degrading of composites. Combined with structural-level testing and with uncertainty quantification we have information/tools to investigate and design the reliability of service lives of safety critical structures.

One aim of the one-day meeting is to publicise and demonstrate how outcomes/outputs from the DURACOMP project will of benefit to industry and academia.

* The academic co-investigators in the DURACOMP project are Dr Mark Evernden (Bath University), Dr Wendel Sebastian (Bristol University), Professor Chris Pearce (Glasgow University), Professor Phil Purnell (Leeds University), Professor Peter Gosling (Newcastle University) and Professor Toby Mottram (Warwick University). The project has research contributions from six post doctoral fellows and four industry parnters.


09:30        Registration and networking
10:00        Welcome and Introduction. Toby Mottram, DURACOMP Project principal investigator  

Presentations from Invited speakers
10:10        Nigel Keen, Business Development Engineer, National Composite Centre (NCC),.
10:35        Composites UK Construction Group, James Henderson, Atkins Ltd   
11:00        Lee Canning, Principal Engineer, Bridges, Jacobs
11:25        Break and networking
11:55        Confidence in Durable Composites (DURACOMP), Partners’ presentation on research outcomes
12:45        Lunch and networking

Facilitated Activity
14:00        Facilitated activity: DURACOMP project partners

  • Where are we going with Composites in Construction?    
  • What does the industry want that can be resolved by EPSRC funded research?
  • Who would like to be involved in a proposal for research that follows on from DURACOMP?
  • Can we develop a Protocol for Monitoring of FRP Structures?
  • How can composites for construction benefit from using the UKcric facilities?   

16:15        Closing remarks on event, Toby Mottram.
16:30        End    

Registration information

Event is limited 100 Delegates. Deadline for registration is Tuesday 20 April 2016. To register send an email to with the following information: first name; surname; job title; company; post code; contact telephone no.; E-mail address; nationality.

For further information make a request to
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