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R-TECH Gains Significant Extension to its UKAS Scope of Accreditation

R-TECH Materials Composites Manager, Geraint Havard, is proud to announce that the company has gained a significant extension to its UKAS scope of accreditation.

As part of its development plan, aimed at gaining NADCAP accreditation for the aerospace sector during 2017, R-TECH recently carried out a significant extension to its range of accredited tests, with the aim of expanding its offering of testing services to the company's clients.

Over the past three years, R-TECH has invested heavily in increasing its expertise in composite materials. It was apparent that in order to fulfil the market needs for composites, a significant increase of scope of the company's mechanical testing would be required. With this is mind, earlier this year, R-TECH succeeded in gaining UKAS accreditation for 13 new test standards. As part of its programme of continual development, over the next year, R-TECH will be looking to add a further seven standards to its accreditation scope.

Having been established in testing tension, compression, flexure, interlaminar shear, water absorption and Barcol hardness to ISO standards since 2013, it was decided to add the equivalent ASTM standards to the R-TECH schedule. In addition, R-TECH has also added the capability of conducting lap shear, in-plane shear, climbing drum peel, Shore hardness, compression of core materials and shear properties of sandwich panels.

The full UKAS schedule for R-TECH Services can be seen here.

In addition to this extension to scope of accreditation, R-TECH now has the capability of fatigue testing composites (in tension or in bending) at loads of up to 100kN and are aiming to increase company capabilities, with the purchase of a new 250kN tensile machine along with the capability of carrying out tests in the range of -70°C to 250°C.



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