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SAFRAN Seize Opportunities Through Networking

University of Liverpool's Formula Student Team at SAFRAN

When participating in the Composites UK North West Regional Roadshow back in September, SAFRAN Nacelles made several connections with the industry which have resulted in some interesting projects going forward.

Firstly, a connection was made with the University of Liverpool’s Formula Student team who had a table-top display the event. SAFRAN has since assisted with them with their work. Formula Student takes place in mid-2018 and is an international competition in which top engineering students design, build and race a single seat racing car.  

Four of the University of Liverpool’s team spent three days with SAFRAN. Stephen Dyer, SAFRAN’s Trainer for Composites said: “I am confident that the working relationship will grow stronger and stronger and last for several years. We are hoping to send a few of our apprentices to Liverpool University in the next few weeks to carry on the work we have started.”

SAFRAN’s participation and case study presentation ‘Working to the Future through Apprenticeships’ at the event also resulted in an on-site meeting with Mac Measuria from JNV Composites and Pete Redfern from Tameside College who were looking to set up a training school similar to what is already in place at SAFRAN.

Stephen added; “It is worth promoting some of the working relationships that can be established through networking at these conferences and the benefits all parties can take from these new working relationships.”

The Composites UK event calendar for 2018 will be announced soon. Look out for listings on the Composites UK website.




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