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Shape Machining Offer Carbon Fibre Preforms

Shape has been working with various customers who are looking to take advantage of the new and novel visual options that a ShapeTex preform can offer.

Shape Machining Ltd’s Managing Director, Peter McCool, said “With a ShapeTex preform we have a number of parameters we can tune to obtain a variety of different visual appearances. This is particularly advantageous with some of the lifestyle products we are developing for our customers.

"There are an infinite number of fibre directions, patterns, tow spacings, tow sizes, fibre types, stitching threads, stitching spacings, stitch colours and backing materials we can use to create bespoke patterns and finishes that you cannot achieve with a traditional woven fabric.

"This new found visual freedom really suits our customers’ requirements to push the visual and aesthetic boundaries of their products.”

The ShapeTex preform uses a continuous tow of carbon fibre laid down to create a zero waste, fully optimised, preform that can be directly consolidated into the finished part.

McCool continued: “The potential of this technology to add significant visual value is a major factor in the continued success of our ShapeTex process.”

ShapeTex composite preforms are highly efficient for strength, waste and processing time.



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