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Shape Machining take Fibre Placement to the Next Level

ShapeTex in Cycling

Shape Machining is launching ShapeTex - a preform which the company says is designed and manufactured with ultimate performance in mind.

The ability to place carbon fibres exactly where required allows, each part made from a ShapeTex preform, to be highly optimised for performance. Performance in the context of composite materials can be strength, stiffness, mass or even cost focused.

Shape Machining Ltd’s Managing Director, Peter McCool, said “High performance is part of our company DNA. We add performance to all the parts we design and manufacture. Our ShapeTex using customers have found interesting applications for our technology in a variety of industry sectors, with the sports and leisure goods market being particularly innovative in the pursuit of mass and cost reductions.”

The technical advantage of a ShapeTex carbon fibre part is derived from being able to place the fibres only where they are needed – along the load path.

With traditional woven fabrics there are 2 major fibre directions (warp & weft) and therefore no significant ability of optimise the fibre direction. This additional fibre mass is then carried in the final part.

“You don’t have to be a top athlete to want these performance gains. In all forms of transport, the goal is to reduce mass, save energy and reduce CO2 emissions.”, McCool concluded.

ShapeTex composite preforms are highly efficient for strength, waste and processing time.



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