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SHD’s Bio-Derived PS200 used for Fire Protection in Series Sailplane Battery Box Production

SHD Group’s unique PS200 bio-derived prepreg system has been chosen by Albatross Fly d.o.o. (Slovenia) for the construction of battery boxes supplied for the serial production of FES (Front Electric Sustainer) electric propulsion systems. FES systems are highly efficient self-launch and self-sustainer propulsion system for electric powered sailplanes, developed and produced by another innovative Slovenian company, LZ Design.

The application of SHD’s PS200 in the constructions of the FES battery box has enabled the development of a very lightweight and compact propulsion system, while providing remarkable protection against the potential for the very high temperatures, pressures and fire that would be seen in the event of a battery thermal runaway reaction. As a result, the FES system has achieved the necessary EASA Type Certification, with over 240 sailplanes, of 11 models and from 7 different manufacturers currently equipped with the novel propulsion system.

As well as providing a quite unique combination of lightweight properties, thermal performance and fire protection, PS200 resin is derived from a by-product of sugar cane processing and as such provides a highly sustainable and low carbon raw material source. A very obvious choice for designers looking for more sustainable material solutions around electric flight.

SHD Composites Group operates through 3 manufacturing sites in the UK, Europe and USA, and are well-established industry suppliers of high quality structural and tooling prepreg materials. AS9100 Rev D and ISO9001:2015 accredited, SHD pride themselves on their quality, service and responsiveness to local customer needs.



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