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SHD Composite Materials Releases Revolutionary Bio-Based Resin System for High Performing F.S.T. Category Prepregs

SHD Composite Materials Ltd are pleased to introduce PS200, a revolutionary bio-based resin. PS200 has been designed specifically to solve the problem of the fire risk that lithium ion batteries pose. Primarily for the manufacture of electric vehicle battery boxes, the product is available on a number of reinforcements and capable of autoclave, oven or press cure from 120°C allowing flexible production processes for any finished component.

With a high service temperature and non-flammable properties meeting UL94 V0 specifications, PS200 can be used to contain fires and act as a flame and heat shield. Not only this, but PS200 has been manufactured to be almost 100% bio-based from a waste by-product of the food industry and is REACH compliant.

Simon Howarth, Business Development Manager said; “PS200 is a bio-based resin system that is derived from a food waste product. This sustainable material yields not only technical benefits with regards to its class leading flammability and high temperature performance but has the added benefits of containing no hazardous materials providing a safer environment whilst in manufacture”.

Testing has achieved peak Tg in the region of 330 to 350°C and containment of 1000°C heat inside a structure manufactured from PS200. Battery failures within PS200 structures have experienced internal temperatures exceeding 1000°C whilst still retaining their profile and containing the heat sources thereby preventing migration.



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