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SHD Composites and Frewer Engineering Collaborate on Future Projects

Frewer Engineering's Advanced Composites Division is delighted to be working in close cooperation with SHD Composites Ltd with the aim of creating an extensive in-house database for a wide range of SHD's composite materials, each having a multitude of mechanical properties critical for structural analysis.
Speaking of the collaboration, Frewer's Divisional Head of Advanced Composites, Matthew Jeffreys, said: "Accuracy in composite finite element analysis is heavily dependent on the correctness of the input values for numerous mechanical material properties. In the composites analysis world, the requisite properties are extremely difficult to obtain without expensive commissioning as most manufacturers cannot attempt to test and validate every property that analysts require for every material produced; there are far too many combinations of reinforcement type and resin system to make that practical. Furthermore, the properties data most material manufacturers do provide are frequently quite rudimentary from the perspective of analysis and are often quoted to be on the 'generous' side when it comes to accuracy of values."
SHD Composites have built an impressive in-house materials testing facility where all their products are batch-tested with an extensive range of mechanical properties that are independently verified. By working closely with SHD, Frewer Engineering is now able to offer customers who choose their materials a much greater level of confidence as even more accurate materials properties data can now be incorporated into the analysis.
Frewer Engineering's CEO and Chief Engineer, Peter Frewer, added: "Although our collaboration with SHD Composites is not exclusive, having this relationship allows our analysis team to have access to independently verified material properties that will greatly assist us and SHD Composites' customers searching for the most accurate structural analysis".



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