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Solvay Joins the TPRC as Tier 1 member

Solvay is investing heavily in TPC technology development and process industrialization and recognizes the TPRC as a leading innovative R&D platform. Solvay joined as a Tier 1 member, which grants Solvay access to the research generated and the ability to steer on fundamental development activities, which are complementary to Solvay’s internal research such as forming and overmolding, cost-effective manufacture of large structures, material performance and sustainability. Solvay’s recently opened Product Development Center in Alpharetta USA and Customer Engagement Center in Brussels BE will work closely with the TPRC as we start engaging in joint collaboration projects.

“Solvay’s research and innovation experts will work hand in hand with the TPRC on selected projects where we see joint benefits. Solvay and the TPRC are both committed to increasing the adoption of TPC by the aerospace and automotive industries and our membership will strengthen our ability to contribute to industry developments”, said Dr Jim Pratte, Senior Research Fellow for Solvay Composite Materials Global Business Unit.

“The addition to our membership of Solvay, one of the leading suppliers of specialty thermoplastic polymers and thermoplastic composite materials will allow the TPRC to broaden its focus beyond aerospace into automotive applications where there is an overlap of processing technology and materials particularly when we look at the rapidly developing urban air mobility market segment”, said Harald Heerink, General Manager at the TPRC.



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