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Structural Evolution Launches Website

Structural Evolution has officially launched their new websites and structural composites consulting service based in Plymouth, UK.

The company plans to offer its services to clients in the UK as well as the European Union to start with.

Along with their new Website the company has also announced the launch of their social media presence in LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram.

In summary the services offered by Structural Evolution Ltd are as follows:

  • Engineering Management – Providing overarching technical management to support your product development.
  • First Principal and CAE analysis – Adding technical knowledge to guide projects from concept to reality though an innovative design and engineering approach.  
  • Code Compliance – Product development led by carefully curated design code and guidance ensures quality in every end product.  
  • Visit their new site for more in depth services descriptions.

Managing Director, Casper Kruger, comments: "We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Cube team at Plymouth University that helped secure a Santander SME grant to bolster our marketing fund and produce our very first company overview video. Please visit our website, YouTube channel and Instagram page to see this brilliant piece, highlighting our company overview designed by Nadia at the “Design Factory”.




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