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Success for GRP Solutions Imposition of Anti-Dumping Measures

GRP Solutions Ltd and the European consortium sees success in their fight against the imposition of anti-dumping measures on glass fibre reinforcements from Egypt and Bahrain

On the 12th December 2019 the European Commission announced that it would not impose any provisional measures in the anti-dumping investigation into imports of continuous filament glass fibre products originating in Bahrain and Egypt (AD 655).

In response to the initiation of the investigation on the 3rd May 2019, GRP Solutions Ltd joined a consortium of European importers and end users to fight the imposition of anti-dumping duties on glass fibre.

Through the hard work of all those involved, including legal counsel at trade law firm Van Bael & Bellis, we are delighted to announce that the European Commission has decided not to impose any provisional measures. We hope the European Commission will continue to take into account the interests of Europe’s GFR user industry and that the case will be formally closed in July 2020 once the Commission has concluded its investigation.

Brian Harpur, Managing Director of GRP Solutions Ltd said: “This initial result is a huge success in our efforts and those of the consortium of European users and importers to protect UK and European composite manufacturing from unwarranted trade tariffs which would have driven up manufacturing costs. I am also hopeful that this announcement will now draw to a close the unhelpful and unsubstantiated rumours that have been peddled in the market since May 2019. I would also like to pay tribute to Jushi Group for all their support during this process”



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