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Tebis Celebrates 35 Years of Fast and Efficient Digital Manufacturing Technology

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This year Tebis shall be celebrating 35 years at its Open House in Munich on 8th-9th of May. For over 35 years, Tebis group has proudly presented its capabilities in CADCAM and MES software with associated services for mechanical component, model, pattern, tool die and mould manufacture. It serves a number of industries including aerospace, automotive, motorsport and oil & gas industries. During the two-day open house, Tebis, together with the technology partners, will present technologies to help your company gain future success, examples of end-to-end manufacturing processes and the latest advances in its software. There will be high-profile presentations by customers, practice-oriented presentations of new product development, inspiring discussions with Tebis consultants and opportunities to network with experts and colleagues from many different industries.

Bernhard Rindfleisch, one of the founders of Tebis, had a vision in 1984. He wanted to make computer-supported NC technology available to small and medium-sized companies. In just a few years, he introduced Version 1.0. Tebis brought the first MS DOS-based 3D CAD system into the world market. This system was controlled by a graphic input tablet overlaid with a paper “user interface” for calling up functions. It was the first 3D CAM system in the world.

Bernhard Rindfleisch explains: “The Tebis software is the foundation of our success because it sets global standards for the highest quality and productivity with outstanding functions. We have continuously optimised our software solutions over the years, especially for customers in die, model and mould manufacturing.”

Tebis’ projects were growing quite rapidly and within just two years, after the release of the Version 1.0, Tebis introduced Version 2.0 with an interactive on-screen menu. 12 months after in 1990, the CADCAM experts presented the new Version 2.1 which was a real sensation at the time due to the possibility to mill across any number of surfaces.

In 1991, Tebis provided comprehensive CADCAM and CAQ software with the integration of Automill and quality assurance functions. The company was converted from a limited-liability GmbH to a corporation, Tebis Technische Informationssysteme AG. With its Automill® technology, Tebis made a significant contribution in the 1990s to accelerating NC programming in model, mould and die manufacturing.

Bernhard Rindfleisch says: “Since 1984, the year Tebis was founded, we have often managed to be at the forefront of futuristic technology trends. An example of this is Tebis Automill, a technology that supported the NC programming of complete parts across multiple surfaces as early as 1990 or the Tebis NC simulator. This was the very first technology that enabled the realistic simulation of toolpaths with complete collision monitoring of all machine components based on virtual machine models.”

For the next three years, Tebis concentrated on developing a new release version with more complex attributes to expand the business. In 1993, Release 3 was introduced and, at the same time, the company opened subsidiaries in Sweden, Italy, France and USA and its office in Hamburg.

In 1997, Tebis had presented Version 3.1 and this allowed the company to calculate the toolpaths on mathematically accurate CAD surfaces, a major benefit for surface quality, and a unique characteristic that still distinguishes Tebis.

Dr. Thomas Wrede says: “A central trend is the internationalisation of the markets. When new CADCAM products are developed in less and less time, and more and more people draw upon a common knowledge pool, automation and standardisation become especially important. We are working intensively to facilitate work with structured processes and to ensure the reliability of those processes.’’

Within the next five years, Tebis moved to its stand- alone office building in Martinsried and brought a completely revised design technology to the market with Version 3.2. As the years went by, the Tebis group opened other subsidiaries in Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Canada and China in 2012.

Another Version, 3.4, was presented in 2008 supporting a new and uniform platform for all applications including machine simulation and finally, in 2015, Version 4.0 provided a new user interface specifically developed for CADCAM applications, an industry-oriented product structure and a new platform for NC automation.

Bernhard Rindfleisch explains: “Now Version 4.0 is setting new standards. With an innovative user interface and a broad spectrum of automation functions, we can further simplify our customers' processes and improve their competitiveness. But Tebis doesn't just provide the software; we also ensure its correct integration in the customers' individual processes.”

Today, Tebis employs approximately 300 employees around the world and generates revenues of roughly 38 million Euros annually.  Tebis’ software is being used successfully at nearly every automotive manufacturer around the world and at more than 1,500 vendor firms. Its customers include: Aston Martin, Jaguar Land Rover, Bentley, Interform, APH3G, Airbus, UTC Aerospace Systems, Liebherr, Porsche, Audi, Daimler, BMW, VW, Tesla, Ford, Opel, Chrysler, Seat, Volvo, Saab, Honda, Toyota and Hyundai.

Based on modern company structures, the company can offer much more than just software, it works responsibly and follows clear principles, wholly in the interest of its customers.

Tebis process solutions give you a lasting technological and competitive edge. The company is a well-established partner for over 2,000 customers in high-efficiency design and manufacturing chains, with over 1,000 consulting and implementation projects and nearly 9,000 installed workstations. Creative engineering has been the formula for success for over 30 years at Tebis, an inspiring leader in technology and process innovation in the world of design and industrial manufacturing.

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