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Testia Launch the Discount for life

Testia has always been at the forefront of composites and aerospace industry, supporting training, inspections and providing services to the aerostructure industry as a whole since 1992.

From its training school in Bristol Testia Ltd. is pleased to announce its latest training offer, as part of its ongoing strategy to support the composites industry. Testia's discount for life is geared to benefit customers where is matters most. Offering real cash savings and benefiting from ongoing support, gaining access to other services within the Testia portfolio. Testia Ltd. is happy to discuss package deals in order to provide that best value for money for the services required by customers. The Discount for life is not a short term offer designed for quick wins. Testia aims to establish long term relationships with our customers, so these are the prices for as long as customers remain with them.

Since March 2020 Testia joined the rest of the world as we all watched the downturn move across the globe. Keith Phillips, Managing director of Testia Ltd knows all too well that “The arrival of the pandemic sent shockwaves through the aerospace industry. Testia is incredibly fortunate to be weathering the storm, but we know that so many of our colleagues across the industry are impacted by this downturn”.   

Testia Ltd. is privileged to be part of the larger Testia Group with bases in France, Germany, Spain, Singapore and Canada. It operates on a One Testia platform, calling on colleagues across the group to aid the support of each regions customers.

NDT Training Discount for Life

The discount structure is simple. Composies UK members can enjoy a 10% discount for the first course taken with Testia Ltd, then for each subsequent course taken the company adds an additional 1% discount. Incrementing up until a maximum of 20% discount from list price.


  • Ultrasonics – L1-3
  • PAUT – L2
  • Eddy Current – L1-3
  • Shearography – L1-3
  • Radiography (Film & Non-Film) L1-3
  • Penetrant – L1-3
  • Mag Particle inspection - L1-3
  • Thermography – L1 -3

Discounts are based on Testia’s catalogue prices, however Testia invites customers to supply a valid quotation and Testia will price match before discounts are applied. These are the prices you pay for life. Please send enquiries to referencing the course you are interested in and number of attendees, quoting compositesUK.




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