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TFP to Exhibit Advanced Nonwovens at China Composites Expo 2017

Technical Fibre Products (TFP) will be exhibiting their nonwoven solutions for advanced composites at China Composite Expo on stand 423 in Hall 1, alongside their exclusive agents in China, BluDot Asia. These novel multifunctional materials provide solutions for a variety of challenging applications, ranging from aerospace to sporting goods and construction.

TFP’s nonwovens are specially designed to fulfil a wide range of applications in advanced composites; improving performance, properties and fabrication. The company says they are used extensively to provide a high quality resin rich surface finish, particularly in industries such as aerospace, automotive and sporting goods. The exceptional quality of the fibre distribution in the veils makes them ideal for this, producing a smooth surface and ensuring even resin uptake and distribution. A layer of heavier weight Optimat® nonwoven can also further reduce print through from the underlying reinforcement fabric if interleaved between the fabric layers close to the surface. As well as providing a high quality finish, TFP’s nonwovens simultaneously impart valuable surface functionality such as EMI shielding, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, electrical conductivity and static dissipation; increasing the performance of the composite structure.

Other key performance and property enhancements include:

  • Improving interlaminar fracture toughness by acting as enhancing interleaves. TFP’s lightweight thermoplastic veils significantly improve mode-I and mode-II fracture toughness, by up to 160 % and 430 % respectively, whilst adding minimum weight to the final composite part.
  • Providing a lightweight, effective carrier or support for adhesive films, ensuring a defined and consistent film thickness whilst improving handling and resilience.
  • Preventing galvanic corrosion; TFP’s dielectric nonwovens act as an electrically isolating layer between dissimilar conductive materials, such as carbon composite and metal, to prevent the electrochemical reaction that causes galvanic corrosion.
  • Acting as a resin flow medium to provide enhanced resin transportation in both inter-laminar and surface regions. Optiveil® & Optimat® remove the need to use additional flow media and ultimately lower resin usage and scrap.
  • Delivering highly effective ‘built-in’ passive fire protection at the surface of a composite. Tecnofire® protects the underlying composite structure from fire and improves the fire smoke toxicity (FST) without the structural compromises or time consuming application associated with alternative technologies.

To see the full range of advanced nonwovens on offer, find out more about TFP’s Optiveil® and Tecnofire® materials or to discuss possible solutions to your technical challenge talk to the team from both TFP and their exclusive distributors in China, BluDot Asia, on booth 423, hall 1 at China Composites Expo from 6-8 September. Alternatively, visit or for more information.


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