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TFP to Showcase Nonwoven Solutions for Transportation Applications

TFP Metial Coated Veil

TFP’s nonwovens fulfil a multitude of uses in transport applications, with proven results in surface finishing, imparting EMI shielding or fire protection, as well as acting as an effective friction substrate.

TFP will be exhibiting at the forthcoming JEC Conference on ‘The Future of Composites in Transportation’ from 27-28 June in Chicago to highlight the many uses of our advanced materials in this sector. Talk to the team on booth 125 to find out more about the many solutions our innovative nonwovens offer, including:

  • Surface Finish - Nonwovens provide a high quality, resin rich surface finish to a composite. Used extensively as surfacing veils, they minimise the problem of print through and potentially reduce the amount of further processing required.
  • Electronic and Electrical Systems - Metal coated nonwovens are incorporated into electronics enclosures to shield against electromagnetic interference (EMI).
  • Brakes and Transmissions - Abrasion resistant aramid provides an ideal substrate for friction parts, where it is used as a coating base for clutch, brake and automatic transmission systems.
  • Chassis and Frame - Dielectric nonwovens provide a lightweight, effective barrier to galvanic corrosion, a common and destructive problem when aluminium or other metals come into contact with carbon fibre.
  • Fire Protection - For mufflers, batteries, engines, catalytic converters and body interior panels.



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