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Thysis Technical Mouldings install Intelicare Central Loading and Drying System

Intelicare system

Thysis Technical Mouldings, based in Stamford Bridge, near York, UK, provide a comprehensive service from design to manufacture using a wide range of thermoplastics with in-house moulding facilities ranging from 22 to 820 tons. The company offers a complete project management and design service using existing customer tooling or project managing new concepts and design, manufacturing and managing new tooling.  

As part of the company’s investment plan they have installed a modular Centralised System for handling and drying material. The central loading system and bank of Dehumidifier Driers are all provided and installed by Intelicare Limited, the UK agents for the Italian manufacturer New Omap srl.

The system can control up to 40 material receivers and 4 vacuum blowers. Material is conveyed to the receivers using dehumidified air. Vacuum blowers may be side channel, multi-stage or lobed and are sized according to the required airflow, distances and material throughput. Suitably- sized cyclone filters have also been installed in addition to the large centralised filter to both protect the blowers and prevent the circulation of dust in the workplace. These also dramatically reduce the cleaning intervals of the bag filter.

The equipment installed at Thysis comprises a centralised feeding system to the injection moulding machines, a 5.5kW vacuum blower with cyclone and large cloth filter, insulated hoppers and line clearance valves to each material line.

Two dehumidifier dryers are installed; a WDM 270 Honeycomb rotating drum dryer feeding two 300 litre hoppers, each with receiver and a MDM 500 Desiccant dryer feeding two 600 litre hoppers, each with receiver.

WD dehumidifiers use a rotating drum impregnated with mixtures of molecular sieves allowing dew point levels below -50°C to be reached.

All New Omap dryers benefit from RCE function which automatically reduces the drying temperature when a reduction in throughput is detected.

Advantages of centralised feeding and drying system:

  • Reduces airborne dust in the workplace
  • Cleaner, quieter and safer working area
  • Reduced material wastage; no spillage on the shop floor
  • Reduced material contamination
  • Consistently dried material
  • Reduced labour time

Thysis are very pleased with the investment and the performance of the equipment as demonstrated by Terry Goodwin, Technical Director who says: “The Intelicare central loading and drying has been an excellent investment. Material throughput per hour has increased, rejects have reduced, the finished product quality and appearance has improved significantly, and the workplace is permanently clean and tidy; fit for customer visits at any time. Intelicare provided us with high quality equipment and support us with an impressive after sales service”



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