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Tufcot Achieves Lloyds Approval for Pintle and Pintle Rudder Bearings

Over the last year Tufcot has invested heavily in order to achieve Lloyds approvals for the Marine sector becoming an approved supplier of Pintle and Rudder bearings via the Lloyds Register for its grade T100MP.  

The Lloyds Register Certificate received by Tufcot read; ‘This Statement confirms the above named material (T100MP) is entered in the LR list of Approved Synthetic Rudder Bearing Materials - Group 1(B), Provisional Approval, for a maximum bearing pressure of 10N/mm²’

Now the company has this accreditation it will allow its current and new customers to have the confidence to promote the Tufcot material as a material that has achieved accreditation status.

The company says the accreditation will bring the following key benefits:

  • Confidence in the Tufcot brand and the Tufcot material.
  • Test figures allowed the approval to be at a maximum pressure of 10N/mm².
  • Development of Tufcot's in-house testing facilities to achieve new accreditations in the Marine sector and other sectors.
  • A key promotion of the Tufcot brand for its valued customers.
  • Offer a stock list of T100MP tubes which will be available for same day delivery at an agreed price.
  • Rapid turnaround of Marine grade approved tubes to help vessels during dockings.



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