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Tufcot's marketing team are always learning from their customers and employees via constant feedback. One area that they wanted to improve, in order to allow them to show what applications and market sectors we worked in was by creating flyers for certain areas. These flyers can be found on our new downloads page of Tufcot's website.

Also due to the company's ever growing export market, having translated international brochures was a key step for our marketing team. These coupled with Tufcot's long R & D list into achieving new accreditations in new and existing market sectors was a key step.

This page will enable you to download key documents and brochures for future use on how and why to use Tufcot® materials. The current list of items you can download are:

  • Tufcot Brochures - Product, Technical and Marine
  • International Brochures - Swedish, French, Norwegian, Japanese and Russian
  • Tufcot Flyers - General information, Hydraulics, Spherical Bearings and Structural Bearings
  • Accreditations and Certificates - ISO 9001, Lloyds Marine, Carbon Smart

This is just the start of the downloads page as the company aims to grow their online presence there will be more flyers, brochures, approvals and translated documents available to download in the coming months.

At Tufcot they company sees it crucial that they are able to allow their current and prospective customers the ability to have the option to download these documents and then pass this information on to their customers or for their sales teams to use to further push the Tufcot® material and brand.




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