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Copenhagan Bridge

Since 2016, Tufcot has been working behind the scenes to bring forward new applications and references from a newly developed market sector. That market sector is structural applications.

As soon as Tufcot introduced this new market sector to its marketing material and in conversations at trade shows with prospective clients, there was an instant interest, tagged with the question ‘How far can this go?’ The answer is, who knows, the endless applications of Tufcot® materials shows here with the addition of the structural market sector.

When considering what you need for an efficient composite structural bearing, Tufcot says its T100G material ticks all the boxes, here are a few examples;

  • High load capacity
  • No corrosion
  • 1/6th the weight of steel
  • Simple assembly
  • Dimensionally stable

One of the best structural bearings that can be manufactured and engineered by Tufcot are bridge bearings. The various types that the company makes are;

  • Fixed
  • Multi directional
  • Single direction

Tufcot bridge bearings:
Tufcot structural market sector page:



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