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Tufcot Hail 2019 Liaison Meetings a Huge Success

Tufcot at Kelham Island

On October the 22nd and 23rd of October, Tufcot hosted two days of meetings between Tufcot and five of its Distributors/Key Customers worldwide. The last time the company conducted the Liaison Meetings was in 2016 and they were a huge success back then, so it decided to repeat and improve the process from three years ago.

We were pleased that the invitations to the meetings were received extremely positively with its Partners. Within a few weeks, Tufcot had five interested Partners. These Partners were based all over the world:

  • Australia – Blue Ocean Industries
  • Singapore – SBS
  • Sweden – Teknikprodukter
  • Netherlands – Euroglide
  • Italy – PRP

Tufcot has been dealing with some of its Partners above for over 30 years and have managed to have sustained growth by working together to grow the markets that each Partner operates in.

The reason for the meetings were to allow each of its Partners to meet the other Partners from each area and to have in-depth Technical and application training so ideas could be shared about where to operate and where to use Tufcot® materials. It also allowed Tufcot to showcase its site with a guided tour aswell as any commercial discussions along the way. Tufcot has made huge strides to improve our facilities, equipment and operations recently by constantly re-investing into areas that needed efficiency improvements. By conducting a tour, this highlighted the changes at Tufcot over the last few years.

The agenda included the following items; Tufcot tour, commercial discussions, Technical and applications training, application presentataions from all Partners, Quality and Company structure improvements and many other items.

The meetings were a huge success and Tufcot is extremely thankful to its Partners for taking the time out of their busy schedules to travel to Tufcot and see what its future plans are.

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