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Two days, 14 industry leaders, 10.5 hours of CPD learning points available at Materials 2017

Materials 2017 - the new conference and exhibition focused entirely on material solutions for architecture, construction, and design - boasts a comprehensive curriculum of CPD seminars providing a high-impact learning environment for all delegates. As well as offering a unique opportunity for architects, specifiers, and developers to meet face-to-face, engage in social conversation, and expand business relationships, the event will deliver numerous learning opportunities, guided by a whole host of industry leaders, covering a wide variety of material subjects.
In order to satisfy the demands of such a dynamic and fast-evolving industry, a packed CPD (continuing professional development) seminar program will be delivered, designed to keep all professionals with an affinity to building specification the opportunity to get ahead of their peers in their knowledge of material specification, with emphasis on current trends and innovations.
Seeking to look beyond the purely aesthetic, Materials 2017 takes up a multi-dimensional stance to building materials - unearthing the alternative functionalities attributed to common building products such as timber, glass, concrete, composites, brick, stone, and smart materials - an approach which is strongly reflected in the CPD programme.
Seminars from pioneering industry players - including Sika, Aggregate Industries, Pilkington, Wienerberger, and many more - will cover unique and engaging topics such as: Using Phase Change Materials in Construction for a More Sustainable Built Environment, High Performance Structural Adhesive Systems for Glazed & Panel Facades, and Using Concrete as a Sustainable Material in Design.
Event partners Wood for Good will host an absorbing seminar with Arup, Mace, and B&K Structures, featuring their case study, the ground-breaking BskyB Believe in Better project, in line with Optimised Hybrid Structures Delivering on Cost, Design, Sustainability and Resource Efficiency. With these CPD subjects and many more engaging talks and exhibits Materials 2017 is truly set to inspire and inform.
To view the full CPD programme and speaker list as well as other information about Materials 2017, please visit or head straight to to sign up.


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