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UK Mission Leads to Seven Collaborative Projects

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Composites UK’s Sustainability Manager, Stella Job, was involved in a mission to the USA led by the Knowledge Transfer Network in October 2018, which has resulted in seven new collaborative projects involving companies from both the UK and USA.

The projects are being funded in the UK by the Fund for International Collaboration (FIC), which is designed to support the UK to form new, and strengthen existing, bilateral partnerships for research and innovation with leading nations with a reputation for excellence. It sees £2million being invested to develop composite materials for global markets including aerospace, automotive and renewables. The funding in the US has been provided by the US Department of Energy, State governments and private industry.

The projects are as follows, with Composites UK member companies highlighted in bold:

  • CADFEC: Fibre engineered composites for car components: Aston Martin, WMG​​​, Expert Tooling and Automation, DowAksa, Dow Chemical, and Purdue University
  • TACOMA: X-ray scanning for high-speed inspection of automotive composite parts: TWI, American Chemistry Council and Michigan State University
  • HIPPAC: Advanced composites for stronger, lighter wind-turbine blades: Fibreforce Composites, Brunel University, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, GE Energy, and Montefibre
  • FibreSteer: Fibre shaping for stronger aerospace components: iComat, National Composites Centre, Airbus, Airbus Americas and University of Dayton Research Institute
  • FibreLoop: Recycling carbon fibre production waste into new high-value components: NetComposites, Far-UK, Advanced Materials Research Centre, Vartega, BASF, Michelman, and Michigan State University
  • ENACT: Polymer layering for overmoulding, allowing more sophisticated design for complex parts: Surface Generation, Nottingham University, Michigan State University
  • TexTape: Reducing the costs of carbon fibre thermoplastics: Composites Evolution, National Composites Centre and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Claire Whysall, Communications Manager at Composites UK said: “We are very proud to have been part of the initial mission which has now resulted in these projects. Especially so as there is at least one of our members involved in each. We look forward to seeing what comes out of them over the duration of the work.”



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