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UKFlowtechnik Presents Precision Pumps Designed for Robotics

Visco Mini Progressive Cavity Pump

Due to the movements of modern robotics with the requirement of both ‘reach’ and ‘rotation’ to complete the programmed task, UKFlowtechnik says weight and size are critical.

The company, based in Nottingham, UK, offer the Beinlich DARTec and VISCO pumps, which it says are a solution to those obstacles, whilst delivering fluids at both a high precision and with very low pulsations.  Although the pumping technologies are very different, they are ideally suited to dispense fluids such as glues, silicones, sealants and paint exactly where you want it, at the rate required (0.01 to 6.0cc/rev model depending – Max speed 400rpm). 

The DARTec gear pump comprises a pair of mating gears contained within a series of plates. In order to achieve precision, reproducibility and the best possible total efficiency, the clearances inside are adapted depending on the medium, the differential pressure (up to 150 Bar) and the viscosity.  In addition the use of coatings and special materials can protect against corrosive wear.

UKFlowtechnik go on to say that Beinlich’s new progressive cavity pump VISCO pump is especially suited for abrasive media, dosing and dispensing proportional to speed. Accuracy and repeatability is ± 1% and is based on the volumetric principle of an endless (infinite) piston whereas the core components rotor and stator form a perfectly sealed metering chamber.  The eccentric movement of the rotor allows for a low-shear motion of the medium from one chamber to the next chamber without crushing the media and is optimally designed for dispensing fluids and pastes filled containing fillers up to 20 bar depending on the model.



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