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University of Manchester Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre Commission Intelicare Heated Platen Press and Chiller

The LAB 250P press in the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre

The University of Manchester, Britain’s largest single-site university, has purchased a P.E.I. Pinette Heated Platen Press and Frigosystem Chiller from Intelicare for the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre (GEIC)  

The GEIC is a £60 million investment which is being established as a state of the art technology development facility for graphene and related 2D materials with a commitment to fostering strong industry-academic collaborations.

Given the world leading graphene research at the University, it is expected that the Platen Press, together with its closed-circuit chiller for rapid cooling of the platens will be cited in high profile academic publications as well as underpinning industrial collaboration projects, thus giving the equipment a high degree of exposure.

The platen press is a P.E.I. model LAB 250 P with 400mm x 400mm platens, a press force range 3 to 60 tonne, electric top and bottom platen heating to 450℃ with an external, hinge mounted touch screen incorporating state of the art control of all press functions including recipe building and storage.

Rapid and controlled platen cooling is accomplished by the Frigosystem RAW 50-M305 water cooled Chiller which chills the water in a closed circuit connected with the platen press.  This range of Frigosystem chillers have been specially adapted to operate with heated platen presses where very hot water, steam and hot compressed air exit from the platens and enter the chiller.   

Intelicare undertook the installation and commissioning and P.E.I. Pinette completed the training of the Graphene Centre staff in early March 2019

Intelicare specialises in the supply and service of equipment used within the plastics processing, composites and other industries. Key product lines include Fluid Temperature Control, Materials Handling, Laboratory Platen Presses, RTM Resin Injection Equipment and Industrial and Composites Curing Ovens.

The press has been well received as demonstrated by Mark Dickie - Application Manager who commented: “We expect the press, together with all the other state of the art technology here, to attract industrial development partners for graphene related development projects. We have produced our first composite test piece on the press and the results were very impressive”.



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