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VELOX and c-m-p Present New Hot-Melt Solvent-Free Prepreg Solution

VELOX, one of Europe’s leading solution providers of raw material specialities for the plastics and composites industries, and its partner c-m-p, an expert in the development and manufacturing of customised carbon and other high-performance fibre prepregs and textiles, present a new hot-melt solvent-free prepreg impregnation technology. The technology adds value for automotive equipment manufacturers looking for more efficient and cost-effective solutions, but is also best-suited for the sports equipment market. VELOX will provide the solution in Spain, France and Italy.  

Hot-melt technology leads to fewer impurities in the resin which greatly enhances the prepreg performance and the final composite outlook. As no solvents are involved, this production method is more environment friendly and it is safer for handling by end prepreg users.     

c-m-p has developed a broad range of resin systems to assist automotive equipment manufacturers and industrial markets in their quest for cost reduction and more efficient composites production.

Prepregs based on the resin system CP0031 are best suited for Out-of-autoclave (OOA) processes. Due to its flexibility this resin system performs well in the standard autoclave process but also in compression moulding applications. It is also best-suited for adjusted processing methods (e.g. with blow moulding). The resin is available:

  • In different fibres based reinforcements (glass, aramid, carbon)
  • In all reinforcement constructions (UD, MA, woven)
  • As coloured resins
  • As adjustable tack

The resin system CP012 has been developed specifically for Prepreg Compression Moulding processes. c-m-p makes use of specially formulated prepregs that are preformed and transferred to a conventional hot compression moulding press.

All industrial markets can benefit from the new c-m-p technology, from automotive components to traditional markets such as sports equipment.



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