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Webinar: Tebis: CAM Automation with Process Template Library

Tebis is a market-leader for CAD/CAM/MES technology with vast experience serving customers in many industries. The company offers specialist solutions for model, pattern, die and mould making as well as component manufacturing, together with professional training and consultancy services to help you to increase productivity and reduce lead time.

Tebis offers specialist process template library for CAM automation enabling customers to achieve reduced programming time and consistent quality. Tebis CAD/CAM automates selections of machining objects based on elements, layers, colours, names, and comments as well as intelligently optimises uses of cutting tools and machining parameters such as spindle speeds, feed rates, etc.

Key benefits of Tebis process template library for CAM automation:

  • Standardise manufacturing process
  • Built the best practice into knowledge database library
  • Share machining knowledge and experience
  • Ensure machining quality and safety
  • Reduce CAM work pressure
  • Relieve skills shortness
  • Reduce CNC and CAM work time and costs

Please join Tebis UK for the webinar:

Time/Date: 15:00 to 15:30, Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Presenter: Andrew Walters, Application Engineer from Tebis UK

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