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2nd CIRP Conference on Composite Material Parts Manufacturing

The aim of this conference is to disseminate novel production research, technologies and solutions to the global composite manufacturing community.

Conference Topics

Design & Lifecycle
Composite recycling and sustainability / Composite characterisation methods / Part modelling, fi ber matrix interaction / Structural analysis and optimization / Part design technology – structural reliability / Smart structure design – multifunctional composites / Multi-functional composite parts

Part Generation
Manufacturing technologies / Preforming and handling technology / Automation and digital twin / Quality control and process monitoring / Manufacturing process optimization / Integrated composite structures

Part Finishing & Assembly
Modelling of post processing / Post processing technology / Part fi nishing technology / Finishing and assembly structural monitoring / Joining technology / Digital assembly / Part machining quality management / NDT and in process inspection of composites / 3D composite manufacturing / Machinability / Non-conventional machining



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