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3M: Innovative Materials for Power Take off Applications

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Downsizing doesn't have to mean a downgrade in performance. From wind turbines to automotive engines – wherever components must be reliably joined together to transmit torques – 3M™ Friction Shims provide a simple, cost-effective and technically mature solution. These proven materials help answer the demand for maximum power density – enhancing friction to transmit higher loads while enabling more compact and lightweight designs. 3M friction shims reliably transmit up to 4x higher torques than conventional systems, without requiring modifications to the joint design.

Are you looking to increase torque, reliability or reduce component size and weight? Engineers, designers & R&D are invited to join 3M’s John Phipps for a 15 minute webinar to learn how 3M™ Friction Shims can help improve your performance in Power take off applications.

  • Minimise cost
  • Maximise power density
  • More solutions

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