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ACMA: Thermoplastic Composites Conference 2020

Webinar organised by AMCA

Join ACMA's Thermoplastic Composites Conference where you will learn from international high-performance thermoplastic composites experts on the latest market applications and technology trends.

Attendees will learn about the latest innovation related to:

  • Design, simulate and model materials, parts and processes for improved manufacturability
  • Reduced material costs for both current and next generation raw and intermediary, while maintaining quality and capacity for scale-up
  • Reduced number of manufacturing steps and improve processing reliability and consistency
  • Optimized process automation
  • Development and implementation of in-line process control and non-destructive evaluation and inspection
  • Effective and efficient welding and joining, without heavy reliance on fasteners
  • Accelerated supply chain development through collaborative frameworks and industry investment
  • Repair and recycling to improve life cycle business case and provide sustainable solutions

 Who Should Attend?

This is a must-attend event for all individuals seeking to or currently producing high performance thermoplastic composite parts, materials or manufacturing equipment. The conference will provide attendees with an opportunity to unite software and modelling, design, automation, non-destructive inspection and evaluation, manufacturing and materials related to thermoplastic composites, across a variety of markets.

Individuals with company roles related to the following will find benefit in attending: composite part engineers and managers, material suppliers, manufacturers, engineers, designers, software developers, automation providers, equipment manufacturers, procurement officials, general management, and related functions in the thermoplastic composites supply chain.

Marketing and sales professionals related to thermoplastic composite manufacturing, process equipment, raw materials, additives, coatings, and automation should also plan to attend.

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