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Adhesive Bonding

This seminar showcases a broad range of case studies on adhesives and their uses across engineering industries. Discuss techniques for formulation, surface preparation, dispensing and testing to discover how you can take your adhesive performance to the next level.

Applying adhesives offers you the opportunity to cost effectively improve performance without compromising on safety. However, it is critical to consider challenges relating to design, manufacture, and asset management. Attend this event to learn how your peers are addressing these concerns and arm yourself with the tools to meet demanding commercial and regulatory requirements.

You will find out how manufacturers in automotive and aerospace engineering are reducing their reliance on mechanical fasteners and lightweighting their assemblies. Utilise this knowledge to improve fuel efficiency and meet ambitious emissions targets impacting your business. Moreover, achieve these benefits without impacting your ability to meet demanding production schedules and make sure no revenue is lost.

Hear how engineers manufacturing large components including turbine blades and aircraft wings are using adhesives to ensure their products meet challenging environmental conditions. Case studies will cover advances in surface preparation, bond-line management, and quality control to ensure material properties and durability are up to scratch.

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Discount for Composites UK members: Please select “supporting organisation” when booking your place on the event website or contact the IMechE directly on +44 (0) 20 7973 1251 or email and mention your Composites UK membership.


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