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Advanced Materials Engineering Conference 2018

Vehicle weight reduction is a key part of car manufacturers' strategies to improve fuel economy. With the lighter and stronger steel, aluminium, and magnesium components, the current crop of cars and trucks can meet stringent crash safety standards.

Finding new ways to slim down the global fleet is preoccupying the transportation industry as it prepares for the next generation vehicles with lighter body weight. The extensive use of new materials — including carbon fibre reinforced polymer are helping in reducing the vehicle weight.

Also, batteries for electric vehicles have the potential to drastically increase the energy efficiency of the transport industry. They are much more efficient at converting stored energy into motion than the more commonly used internal combustion engines.

To optimize the design, comply with the light weight requirements in the industry as well as with the customer’s demands for fuel-efficient vehicles and emission standards, rapid advancements in lightweight technology is now essential.

This conference is an effort to bring together all the professionals form Automotive, Aerospace and Aviation industry to discuss about the latest technologies developed to build lighter, more fuel-efficient vehicles, aircrafts and shuttles with the help of advanced materials.


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