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AEGIS – Rail Market Approvals – Demystified

AEGIS are providing a series of entirely Free to Attend seminars that demystify the railway approvals process.  To find out more about AEGIS visit the web site here.

Attending the sessions has a tremendous value to all companies operating in rail and like all events at RSN 2020 this knowledge and expertise will be passed on to delegates entirely free of charge.

Entering and operating in the rail market is regulated by a number of railway specific requirements that apply to all projects to ensure that the principal standards are applied to technical change or new projects for both rolling stock and infrastructure.   This enables regulation of risk on the railway and the acceptance of all stakeholders.

To companies operating in or entering the rail industry this can appear to be difficult, or perhaps even intimidating.  AEGIS will hold a series of presentations, drawing in experts from all of the necessary disciplines that will explain the key requirements, the route to satisfying those requirements and their own approach to providing the services that progress Railway Approvals to conclusion.

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