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ANSYS: Validating Numerical Simulations with Optical 3D Metrology

Webinar organised by ANSYS

In most companies, they use computer models to predict how / where their components will fail. However, this still needs validating, otherwise there is no way of knowing if the computer is correct and the best way to validate this is to replicate the simulations in a real-world example. The webinar will take the following format:

  • Introduction to optical metrology in use for validation of numerical simulations
  • Comparison of an ANSYS simulation to ARAMIS measurements of a glass fibre reinforced component under mechanical load
  • Demonstration of the complete workflow for comparing FEA results to measuring data in the ARAMIS Professional software
  • Export of appropriate data sets from ABAQUS, ANSYS and LS-Dyna for the validation process

10am, 45 minutes approx – click to register.



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