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Are Biocomposites Sustainable?

We tend to assume that bio-based materials are more environmentally friendly that synthetic / oil derived materials, but what evidence is there?

  • How do we determine whether materials are "better" or "worse"?
  • What do LCA comparisons of biocomposites with more traditional materials tell us?
  • Are some bio-based materials better or worse for health and safety / handling?
  • Can naturally occurring fire retardants replace toxic chemicals?
  • Is competition with food crops an issue?


09:30        Registration and coffee

10:00        Welcome & Introduction
                Steven Brown, Scott Bader & Chair of Biocomposites Subgroup

10:10        National Composites Centre Overview
                Nigel Keen, National Composites Centre

10:25        Measuring the Sustainability of Biocomposites
                Andrew Norton, Renuables

10:55        Carbon Fibre Precursors from Lignin for Sustainable Automotive Composites
                Anastasia Koutsomitopoulou, University of Bristol

11:15        Break

11:35        Life-cycle Assessment of Flax Fibre for the Reinforcement of Composites
                John Summerscales, University of Plymouth

11:55        Natural versus Synthetic Fibres: Green or just Greenwash?
                Patrick Fairclough, University of Sheffield

12:15        The Wood from the Trees: Learning from the Impact of Timber in Construction
                Darshil Shah, University of Cambridge

12:35        Lunch

13:20        Sustainability of Polyfurfuryl Alcohol Resins from Biomass
                Hans Hoydonckx, Transfurans Chemicals

13:40        Cashew Nutshell Liquid Based High Bio- Content Epoxy Systems for Composites
                Tom Claessen, AEP Polymers

14:00        Feedstocks – Current & Future Sensitivities
                John Williams, Sinvestec

14:20        Panel Discussion

15:05        Wrap up and overview of the sustainability strategy - Stella Job, Composites UK

15:15        Close. Tour NCC (optional).


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