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Automotive and Sustainability Conference 2015

UTECH North America returns to Charlotte, North Carolina in 2015 with a two-day conference. The automotive industry is challenged to produce more fuel, efficient lower weight vehicles to help meet CAFE regulations which are becoming increasingly strict. Polyurethane materials are proven to offer a number of advantages over conventional metal and polymer components by offering strength at lower density and faster cycle times or the ability to lightweight parts.

At the same time there is a parallel requirement for automakers to increase the amount of renewable content in their vehicles. Polyurethanes offer a many solutions that can significantly increase the renewable proportion of many components. We will showcase the latest developments in producing polyurethanes with high levels of renewables to meet these demands in the automotive and other sectors such as flexible foams for furniture, and the cold chain. The UTECH North America 2015 Conference - Automotive and Sustainability, will attract and connect OEMs, tier 1 manufacturers and polyurethanes companies to examine and discuss exciting developments in the sector.



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