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BSI: Decarbonise Transport: Achieve Zero-Emission Vehicles

What’s this webinar about?

As part of BSI’s Net Zero Week – and with a focus on road transport – this session will discuss the role emerging technologies are playing, supported by standards, in helping deliver zero-emission/carbon transport and vehicles.

Speakers from across the transport sector will also explore zero-emission enabling technologies including battery EVs, materials, power electronics, motors and drives (PEMD), and technology for use in freight and HGVs.

The webinar will conclude with a roundtable discussion and a Q & A.

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Who should attend the webinar?

  • Vehicle manufacturers
  • The automotive/vehicle supply chain
  • Transport providers and operators
  • Local authorities

What will participants gain?

  • A deeper understanding of how the technologies that contribute to carbon emissions connect
  • Greater visibility of BSI’s involvement in and contribution to UK innovation programmes such as the Faraday Battery Challenge and Driving the Electric Revolution
  • The opportunity to ask questions of our experts
  • A post-event copy of all presentations and a recording of the webinar


14:00 - 14:20 Introductions and overview / Key trends and Drivers – Katerina Busuttil, Senior Standards Manager, British Standards Institution (BSI)

14:20 - 15:00 Spotlight On ‘what technologies can contribute towards achieving zero-emission transport’

1. Faraday Battery Challenge – Jacqui Murray, Deputy Director Faraday Battery Challenge, Innovate UK

2. Future of materials light-weighting – Stella Job, Sustainability Manager, Composites UK

3. Developing a power electronics supply chain – Alastair McGibbon, Head of Collaborative R&D, Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult and AESIN PEMD Workstream Lead

4. Zero-emission technologies in Freight Transport – Anthony Velazquez, Head of Environment and Decarbonisation, TRL

15:00 - 15:20 Q&A Chaired by Katerina Busuttil, Senior Standards Manager, British Standards Institution (BSI)

15:20 End of the webinar


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