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Siemens PLM Event: Integrated automotive composites design, analysis and manufacturing

Discover how Renault F1, Honda, Land Rover BAR and automotive suppliers have developed their optimal composites product development process through adopting automation technologies, which significantly accelerated their composites time-to-market, reduced cost and increased competitiveness.

Composites are becoming increasingly predominant in automotive lightweight strategy to meet strict emission regulations and increase fuel efficiency. However it brings a whole new set of challenges to design, analysis, manufacturing, data management and quality assurance. As there is a fundamental change to how vehicles are designed and built, engineers can no longer reply on experience developed over past 50 years with steel-welded structure. Siemens PLM invites you to join us for an event at Renault F1 to share top challenges, solutions and best practices for adopting composites in automotive industry in the design, analysis and manufacturing process.

This event covers the following topics:

  • Why is it important to have an integrated process for composites design, analysis and manufacturing
  • What are the top composites challenges faced in automotive industry
  • Honda, Renault F1, Land Rover Ben Ainslie Racing case studies
  • How to design for manufacturing for composites
  • How to maximise weight saving by avoiding overdesign and black metal approach
  • Workshops

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