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Composites and Renewable Energy Seminar

FREE ENTRY:  This is the inaugural event on structural composite materials held at the DAKS Training Academy in Ukraine. Located close to the beautiful shore beach of Chornomorsk.
It will begin with a renewable energy story that starts with Odessa.
Over the last few years a range of small power composite wind turbine blades from 1 to 3kW have been manufactured here in the close-by city of Odessa.

High Peak Courses (UK) presents the development of low cost structural composite wind turbine blades. The design, analysis, manufacture, testing methods and successful field trials will be shown and discussed that were used to create and validate the all composite wind turbine blade which was manufactured here in a small workshop in close-by Odessa.
The composite blades were partly funded by the British Government research support of
A meetup with those interested in conventional structural composite materials, biocomposites, natural composites (eg Basalt) and hi-tec composites eg Silicon Carbide composites. Related to any engineering subject and renewable energy.

Individuals, organisations and universities are welcome to attend. We invite you to present your research papers here at our venue and record your presentation and use it to promote your project.
Subjects of interest in composites include, Aerospace, Maritime, automotive, wind power, rail, aircraft interiors, infrastructure, offshore, gas turbines and composite design and accreditation of engineering courses. Any engineering that demands composites that you wish to do a presentation or talk about the subject, is welcome.
At the venue you will also meet senior representatives of DAKS Hospitality School and Advant Maritime training. Together, supplying trained personal for the shipping industry.
Complimentary lunch and Ukrainian Champagne provided.

There are affordable rooms available in the new DAKS hotel for those who wish to stay over, with first class restaurant and Cafe facilities too.

To make a presentation or other please contact the organiser.

Dr. Warren B. Leigh PhD -


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