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TRS was set up initially to support people leaving the defence industry through redundancy nearly 10 years ago; it has since been widened to support the broader engineering science/technology sectors. TRS has retained support and re-investment from employers over the last 9 years, even when the need for redeployment was not high, recognising that ‘Economic Shock’ Happens. Having a simple effective system in place, ready to use was a key consideration and the responsible thing to do at both a company and industrial level.

As a result of Covid19 Rolls-Royce announced 9,000 job losses last month - TRS is currently supporting 9,000 people leaving Rolls-Royce through redundancy with several hundred people already registered on the portal looking for jobs.  TRS is also in advanced discussions with Government on how we might best support other sectors allied to engineering and manufacturing as the impact of Covid19 continues to unfold.

What TRS means for Composites UK members:

  • Should a business of any size need to consider making redundancies – people can be redeployed using the system Free of Charge.
  • SMEs – Looking to recruit can use the system free of charge.
  • Large companies – Looking to recruit pay a one off small annual fee for wider access to the TRS platform – Access to the Rolls-Royce Portal is Free of Charge.
  • Free access for job seekers - people ‘at risk’ of redundancy, this includes people who may have already been made redundant.

Members are encouraged to join this free webinar to discover how TRS can help them.

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