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Composites UK: Meet the Member: Tebis

April's Meet the Member webinar will be hosted by Tebis.

Tebis is a market-leader for CAD/CAM/MES technology with vast experience serving customers in many industries. Tebis offers specialist solutions for model, pattern, die and mould making as well as component manufacturing, together with professional training and consultancy services to help you to increase productivity and reduce lead time.

Tebis offers both unique intelligent manufacturing and specialist 5-axis mill trimming package for improved machining operation safety, quality, and efficiency as well as ease of uses. Tebis trimming package has been widely used for moulded plastic parts, composite components and other material parts.

At this meet the member, Tebis' Operations Manager, Paul Scally, will demonstrate the company's CAD/CAM intelligent manufacture for the tooling, prior to the trimming processes. The live questions and answers will be also available during the session.


This event is free-of-charge and is for Composites UK members only. If you would like to attend, please email your contact information to You can check to see if your company is a member of Composites UK, here.

The webinar will last an hour.


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