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Composites UK - Meet the Member: TWI

July's Meet the Member will be hosted by TWI.

TWI has been carrying out research and development into composite materials for over 40 years. This heritage gives considerable breadth to its expertise, which covers all aspects of working with composites including design, processing, joining, repair, NDT, failure analysis, added functionality, testing and recycling. The breadth of TWI's knowledge also draws on the use of composites in the many different industry sectors with which it works, each with differing requirements and applications. In 2018, TWI won the Composites UK Industry Award for Innovation in Composites Design.

TWI's Jasmin Stein, Advanced Composites and Adhesives Technology Section Manager will present, followed by an opportunity for attendees to ask questions about the organisation.


This event is free-of-charge and is for Composites UK members only. If you would like to attend, please email your contact information to You can check to see if your company is a member of Composites UK, here.

The webinar will last an hour.


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