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Composites UK: Online Member Meet: iCOMAT

At this week's member meet we speak to iCOMAT, a Bristol-based University of Bristol spin-off company, which develops novel automated material placement machines and was also the winner of Start Up Business of the Year at our 2020 Industry Awards.

iCOMAT's innovative technology, Rapid Tow Shearing (RTS), is the world’s first automated composites manufacturing process that can place carbon fibre tapes along curved paths without generating defects.

Dominic Bloom, iCOMAT's Senior Applications Development Engineer, will introduce the technology and give an overview of applications in the aeronautics, space and automotive sectors.

This will be followed by time for questions and answers and a chance to raise any points with the Operations Team at Composites UK.


This event is free-of-charge and is for Composites UK members only. If you would like to attend, please email your contact information to You can check to see if your company is a member of Composites UK, here.

The webinar will last an hour.


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