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Composites UK: Opportunities for Fibre Polymer Composites in Construction and Infrastructure

Organised by Composites UK

Timings: Webinar - 10am - 11.15am followed by online networking until 12noon.
Online, Zoom and Airmeet


Fibre polymer composite materials are increasingly being used in construction and infrastructure projects due to their design flexibility, durability and lightweighting properties. These considerations become more critical the larger the structure to meet life-cycle criteria.

Join us for this webinar to hear from experts in this field with real-life solutions and case studies that inspire.


  • Opportunities for Large FRP Composites Structures in an Evolving Sector
    Neil Appleton - National Composites Centre
  • Identifying the Barriers and Opportunities to the Adoption of Advanced Materials in Construction
    Julien Sellier - STRUCTeam
  • Unlocking the Power of Fibre Polymer Composites in Rail Infrastructure
    Jonathan Howard - Dura Composites
  • Case Studies of Fibre Polymer Composites in Construction
    Allan Curtis - Design and Display Structures

Who is this aimed at?

Anyone who...

  • Is new to fibre polymer composites who would like to know more about how they can be used through case studies of real-life applications.
  • Would like an update on how fibre polymer composites are being used in this area.
  • Would like to diversify into the supply chain.

Virtual networking

The presentations at this event will be delivered via Zoom from 10am - 11:15am, followed by online networking at virtual tables on Airmeet from 11:15am to 12noon. Here you can talk to speakers and other attendees.


A huge thank you to our sponsors:

Gearing Scientific has over 25 years experience running thermal tests on most materials. It has experience of thermal conductivity and thermal expansion of all composites used in the building industry. From vacuum panels and vacuum enhanced insulations to conducting composites and metals. The company also has experience with pastes, plaster, plasterboard, rubbers and plastics too as well as composites.


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